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Come to the Expert Denturist in Thunder Bay

At Gajda Denture Clinic Professional Corporation, we seek to maintain a friendly, inviting and professional atmosphere. We are committed to your comfort and satisfaction each time you visit our clinic. We believe open communication and listening to the needs of each patient are the best ways to ensure the needs of each patient are served. Give us a call today to book an appointment.


We provide a variety of services, including:

Denture Maintenance

Do you have broken or ill-fitting dentures? We can provide denture maintenance, which includes a variety of services, all aimed at helping your dentures stay in tip-top shape. Often we can perform these services within the same day. We offer repairs of all kinds, such as:



Soft liner


Instruction about at-home maintenance

Mouth Guards

Protect your teeth and gums with a properly-fitted mouth guard. Whether you need it to prevent nighttime grinding of your teeth or you play sports and need a sports guard, Gajda Denture Clinic can provide you with a mouth guard that fits your mouth’s unique shape.

Denture Repairs

We offer same-day repairs and relines on broken or ill-fitting dentures.

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